well-written copy makes good advertising great Good copy doesn’t just state the facts and figures, it paints a picture of the benefits in order to encourage sales. A quality copywriter turns mere words into customer action. Scroll down to content

Efficient communication is the secret to lasting interest in your brand.

Obsidian Content Creation are an experienced copy and content writing agency, headed up by professional explainer and written digital content specialist Jenii Lowe. We provide no-nonsense, affordable marketing text to small businesses in all sectors throughout the UK.

The sheer importance of copy and textual content is often overlooked, but it holds the key to increasing interest in your company. Great copywriting lets fewer opportunities pass by, and can even help improve your reach.

By working closely with you, we ensure that your prospects and customers get the best picture of your organisation, whether that’s online or in print.

We provide all manner of online and offline copy and content writing services, including website copywriting, blog post writing, sales letter/email writing and brochure copywriting to name but a few. Check out our Services page for more details about what we offer.

Website Copy

Your website is an absolutely indispensable portal for prospects to learn about your company. It’s imperative that all copy on your website suits your brand and provides thorough information that those interested in your services need to know. I create website copy that is both easy for human readers to digest, but also takes search visibility into consideration too.

Blog Posts

Content marketing and shareability is an important part of the current online marketing landscape. Creating useful blog posts that can be easily shared on social channels helps to create buzz around your brand. I will work alongside you to create immersive written content that keeps readers coming back for more.

Sales Letters & Emails

Reaching out to your customers with clear and persuasive sales letters and emails are crucial to successful marketing. I’ll expertly craft bulk mail communications that persuade without leaving readers bored or irritated.

Advertising Copy

Print media and “old school” methods can be just as effective as online channels. My copywriting services extend to print media, such as brochures, flyers and print/poster ads.

Press Releases

Issuing press releases to print and online publications is often the best way to get people to take notice of your brand. I produce clear and enthusiastic missives to the press to maximise the chances of journalists taking interest.

Case Studies & Lead Magnets

Attracting people to join your email mailing lists is a key part of marketing online. Producing a free “lead magnet” ebook to provide in exchange for your reader’s email address is a successful marketing tactic when used alongside regular email marketing. I’ll work with you to create a useful document that assists your prospects and helps you gather new leads.

I am based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, but I am happy to accept projects up and down the UK.

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