Obsidian Content About UsAbout Obsidian Content Creation

Obsidian Content Creation is owned and run by Wolverhampton-based copywriter Jenii Lowe.

My services are open to anyone across the UK, wherever no-nonsense copy is needed. I’ve written for a number of industries and companies on a whole host of different projects. Each of Obsidian’s clients enjoy a totally tailored service, personalised to their needs and those of their clients.

I produce a variety of copy and content types – the most popular of which are listed on my services page.

Why Choose Obsidian?

I pride myself on giving each and every client a personal service and sincere advice about their marketing communications. By getting to know each client closely, I can write copy and content meaningfully on their behalf.

Because I’m a small business owner myself, I’m well aware of the ups and downs that challenge small businesses. Obsidian has worked with companies of all sizes, and I have experience with the marketing struggles that face organisations large and small. Good copywriting is all about empathising with the reader and communicating the company’s solution to the customer’s genuine need.

I strive to be easy to work with, as well as being approachable and friendly. My handy guide clearly lays out what happens when you work with Obsidian.

Mission Statement

Obsidian helps businesses get their message across to existing and potential clients in such a way that sets them apart from their competitors.

jeniiJenii’s Experience

I’ve always been fascinated by communication and language, and the ways that technology has helped people to communicate and collaborate. It is this fascination that led me to college and eventually university to study ICT & Computing.

Shortly after entering the working world, I found myself in a role where I wrote a large portion of copy for my employer. This became a significant part of my job, and a task that I really enjoyed.

In late 2014, I started Obsidian Content Creation so I could write copy for a wider audience, and I have been working full time as a freelancer since June 2015.

After Hours

If I’m not writing copy or running my business, there’s a strong chance that I’m still online in some capacity; whether it’s reading up on current and retro technology, furtling about on YouTube, or playing video games.

I do have some offline hobbies too, including making jewellery and a love of cult TV and film.


Jenii is proud to be a member of the following organisations:

black country chamber member  Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy