Obsidian Content Creation offers a wide variety of copy and content services to a vast range of organisations and industries. This list covers the most common types of work that I cover, but if you require something not on this list, please get in touch.

Optimised Web Content

Website Content

Well-written website copy is arguably as important as your site's look and feel. Clear communication is crucial in achieving your goals - whether they be conversions, enquiries, or something else entirely! Websites come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; I will work closely with you to get a feel for your company, your ways of operating, and your competition to help you come out on top. I also provide a title tag and meta description for each web page I write to give it the best shot at ranking well.

Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Shareability is at the heart of content marketing and SEO. Sharp blog posts are a great way to drive traffic to your website, prove your expertise to a wider audience and generally help boost your visibility. I will devote myself to helping your readers and presenting your company in the best light possible in order to encourage likes and shares over social media. I’m happy to write one-off blog posts, or to blog for you regularly on an ongoing basis.

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Expertly crafted product descriptions are the cornerstone of successful e-commerce. High-quality descriptive content allows you to express your passion for your range whilst also effectively communicating the features and benefits of each individual option. Written with both user friendliness and search visibility in mind, any product descriptions I create for you will focus on persuading your customers to buy whilst also clearly presenting the facts and figures.

Advertising Copy

Advertising Copy

Slick design is a large part of print advertising, but visuals only go so far. Once the eye is drawn to an advertisement, you need solid copy to keep it there. All the effort in the world can be put into a campaign, but if the reader is not persuaded to buy then it will have all been for nought. All copy I write is skilfully composed, with attention and persuasion remaining of paramount importance. I’ll work with you to establish what appeals to your customers and craft compelling copy to suit.

Sales Letters and Emails

Sales Letters & Emails

Attention-grabbing copy is essential to an effective direct mailing campaign. The reader needs to stay engaged and absorb the content without getting bored, as well as being encouraged towards taking further action. Sales letter/email copy needs to be particularly tight, with your message condensed into a small and engaging piece of text. This is where the services of a skilled copywriter are particularly indispensable; let me assist you in creating a campaign that grabs your audience’s attention.

Leaflet, Brochure and Catalogue Copy

Leaflet & Brochure Copy

Eloquent, snappy lines are at the heart of any print advertising, whether it be a small flyer or a fully detailed brochure. Any clever writing needs to be underpinned with a sincere understanding of the product or service, and the specifications of what you offer needs to be clearly conveyed. It’s also crucial to understand your audience and appeal to their needs and wants. I will liaise with you closely to totally understand your company and clientele and produce a comprehensive guide to your products or services.

Press Releases

Press Releases

Need a clear and professional press release for your business launch, new release, or upcoming event? You need to convey the facts and figures, but also the enthusiasm behind your news. A clear missive to the press gives a slick appearance, represents you efficiently and is likely to garner the press attention your project deserves. I will write a press release that explains your points of interest whilst appealing to the reader and to the nature of the target publication.

How To Guides

Case Studies & Lead Magnets

Building your email subscriber list is an important part of online marketing. One of the best ways of doing this is to provide a desirable free download in exchange for a reader’s email address, so you can send them updates and marketing emails. I will help you maximise your subscribers by composing a useful and well-researched document or ebook that leaves readers with valuable information and the best impression of your company.

Forms, Apps and Checkout Text

Forms & Checkout Text

Skilfully written, brief and intuitive instructions can reinvigorate a user’s experience. Just because your customer has added your product to their cart or agreed to share information doesn't mean that your content should get sloppy! Forms, checkouts and calls to action need to be well written and streamlined to offer clarity and facilitate the best experience possible for your customers. I’ll endeavour to understand your website and audience in order to provide direction and clarity.

Proofreading, Editing and Localisation

Proofreading & Editing

Do you already have some text that falls just short of the mark? Perhaps you just want a second opinion on how your current copy represents your organisation? Look no further for a professional proofing and editing service that offers as much or as little input as you need to effectively convey your message in a way that’s relevant to your brand.